Help! I'm that busy mum!

Most days, I'm on the run after these three troublemakers. When they're not keeping me busy, I'm here to support busy mums – the ones missing from family photos, always behind the camera, and tired of waiting for the perfect moment.

I love nothing more than to capture the perfectly imperfect moments of families and cute little babies.

Melbourne Family and Newborn Photographer

Hey, I'm Megan


I’m a family and newborn lifestyle/documentary photographer from Melbourne, living in the leafy suburbs of the outer North East with 3 incredible little humans and a fella named Tim; dad-extraordinaire, my partner and best friend. He’s fun like Bandit for those Bluey fans out there. (Yep, I got lucky).

I get family photos too! This one's by Michelle McKay.

It’s only in recent years that images like these have started to appear in my family album. I was an expert at avoiding photos, hiding behind the camera instead of being in front of it. My partner looked like an amazing single dad!

But now, after realising all the little moments I’ve missed and taken for granted, I’ve stopped worrying about the grey hairs, the kilos gained and the less than perfect house. Instead, I am embracing every opportunity to be photographed with my kids.

Why? Because when they’re older, I want them to look back and know I was right there beside them.

I love to tell stories but I'm terrible with words.

Photography speaks for me.

I want this for you too.

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Kind Words

"We recently had family photos taken by the wonderful Megan. We are so blown away with how they have turned out! Megan is super friendly, bubbly and she makes the shoot relaxed and fun. I was a little worried about how my kids would be, but with Megan being so down to earth and amazing, we all had a wonderful time and our photos reflect this!"


"Megan is such a talented photographer and made us feel so comfortable having family photos with our newborn and toddler at home. Everyone enjoyed the morning and it was so lovely to have them taken at our own home (and completely took the stress out of having to go somewhere for it). The photos are beautifully candid and we will cherish them forever. Highly recommend booking Megan!"


"Megan was professional, down to earth, funny, calm, EXCELLENT with kids - having a 3yr old comply for a photo shoot was nerve wrecking but he LOVED Megan. The shoot was relaxing, slow, not 'staged'- we laughed and talked and almost forgot about the camera for most of it. Cannot recommend Megan enough- we now have beautiful photos to cherish forever."


Capturing your stories in the same way I capture mine.

I’m a bit of a sentimental soul and photography is my way of preserving all these memories. I hold them close to my heart as I’m secretly petrified of forgetting those early years when I’m old and grey(er).

It’s the real moments in everyday life that matter the most to me. And I’m not talking just about the milestones. They’re much smaller, both routine and incidental, and can tell the stories of how we were long after we’re gone.

Photographs of these moments hold emotion, show off our personalities and reflect what life is really like. This is why I capture images for my clients with the same passion and attention to detail as I do for my own personal photography.

Unapologetic. Authentic. Meaningful. 

Let's do this!

Despite having hundreds of photos from my own childhood, many memories I hold really close to my heart aren’t found in these photographs. They were the simple moments experienced time and time again in everyday life, often unstaged, capturing a quirk, interaction or personality trait. They were moments of joy or times that I can now look back on and laugh about. 

Childhood Memories

I’ve told these stories to my kids but I know one day these tales will fade and become lost memories. There isn’t a photo to carry them on for future generations. This is why I’m driven to create art out of the moments that unfold in front of me. 

THe photos I wish I had...

The hundreds of apple stickers my grandpa stuck under furniture.

The day I tried to cut my own hair and had a short zig zag fringe for months.

My brothers pretending my pigtails were motorbike handles.

Sliding down the staircase in sleeping bags.

The run to the dining table when Mum would call, "Tea time!"

Sitting on the footpath with my neighbour, waving at passing cars.

Staring contents with passengers in other cars at stoplights.

Dressing up in my mum's wedding dress and oversized heels.

'Helping' my dad work on the car.

Eating fresh carrots from the vege patch.

Jumping off bunk beds.

Visiting my mum at the school canteen.

Travelling to the city with my grandma for a girl's day out.

I'm obsessed with...



Google calendar
Indoor plants
Road trips

can't live without

Parks and Recreation
Law and Order: SVU
Gilmore Girls

Avoiding crowds
Lots of hugs with my littles
Laughter - easy with my fella around

Let's work together!

think we'd make great friends? me too.

I'd love nothing more than to capture your families beautiful stories. The ones happening right now!