Ever feel like time is slipping away, and your kids are growing up faster than you can keep up? I've been there... in fact, I'm in the thick of it. They're getting smarter, stronger, a bit more complex, and sure, have a little more attitude. Eventually, it hits you that those little quirks you love to much, their many interests and how you see them right now will soon be memories.
That's why I'm so grateful to have discovered a way to hit pause on these precious moments, capturing the beauty of real life through heartfelt, honest photographs. It's like freezing time, creating memories that you can revisit and love on for a lifetime.
And guess what? I can do this for you too!
Let's document all the goodness of your family's unqiue story. 

Melbourne family, newborn and maternity photographer

Photography for big hearted folk who want to remember it all. 

It's a familiar tale – waiting for the perfect time, worrying about the kids not behaving, or feeling like home isn't up to scratch. But I want to flip the narrative. 

The only images we'll regret are the ones we don't take.

I understand life's imperfections, and I'm here to help you document the moments you truly want to remember. Even on the hardest days, when you just want to hide, these photos will remind you of why you love your family so darn much. And by getting in the frame, they become a love letter to your kids, strengthening their sense of belonging and showing them that you were there right by their side.

Whatever stage of life, I want you in those photos with the fam. 

Families and babies and bumps... oh my!

"Megan is a talented and caring photographer. Nothing about her approach feels forced and the photos are a beautiful snapshot of our lives at this unique time.

I was nervous that newborn photography would come across "cheesy" and that it would all be too much for a first time mum after a night without much sleep, but Megan made us feel comfortable and captured an authentic snapshot of our new life together."

Kind words from Sarah


When you're knee-deep in laundry or playing drill sergeant to get the kids out the door, it's easy to miss the beautiful, joy-filled chaos of messy hair, mismatched socks, and the creative excuses the youngins come up with. But trust me, these are the funny quirks and unique traits that you'll look back on and wish you had the photographs to prove it.

That's where I step in – not just capturing those everyday moments but making sure you're in the mix too. I have an eye for spotting the details you didn't know would become sentimental memories. They're the things you'll look back on with a grin and think, "Man, those were the days!" 

and all its messy magic

Family Photography


If you'd prefer to play and cuddle with your little ones rather than striking a pose and smiling through gritted teeth.


Bringing life into the world is simply the most extraordinary gift. No matter what your journey into the world of parenthood looks like, I want you ensure you don't forget a single second. From the stretch marks and food cravings to your little one's sweet yawns and tiny toes.

There's no need for studio lights, elaborate set ups or  for you to leave your home. I'll work within your four walls to document the big emotions, strong connections and little details that can easily be forgotten while you embrace this new chapter in your beautiful life. 

stretch marks and squishy babies

Newborn and Maternity Photography


You're expecting or have a fresh little one in your arms, wanting to combat the brain fog by documenting every single second of the time you became a mum.

You appreciate timeless photography over the current trends.

You can see the mess in the magic of everyday life. 

You are drawn to images that tell a story and give you those nostalgic feels. 

You value authentic moments over perfection.

Am I the photographer for you?


You want your experience to be stress free and fun.

You want someone who will understand your kids and keep them engaged.

that's what I want!

Let's not miss another single second of your beautiful life.

Ready to tell your story?

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