It’s finally happening – the first blog post. And yes, it’s been a long time coming. So I thought I’d kick things off by sharing my why. Why I love photography and in particular, family and newborn lifestyle photography, so damn much. It’s not defined to one moment so let me share a few stories from my past and present that influence my work today.

WHY #1 To Show Even More Love

I was that little kid that would flick through the family albums or look at the hallways of peoples homes covered in picture frames and ask ALL the questions;

“Who is this person?”

Are they related to me?”

“Where did the colour go in this photo?”

“Have I been here?”

“Where is this taken? Can we go here too?”

I know I loved seeing photos of me from the past but it wasn’t until I was heading into adulthood did I realise what this truly meant to me. Not only did I appreciate being a part of the images that told our life story and the connections we (mainly my family) shared but I realised it was a way of showing love. Loved so much that someone decided to take an image of me in that particular moment so they wouldn’t forget what happened.  

This is why today there are photos all around my home that my own children comment on all the time. They might not know it yet, but it’s just another way for me to say how much I love them. 

WHY #2 To Celebrate Unique Personalities

It’s funny how life comes full circle. Before my kids and my photography business, I was a primary school teacher. I taught hundreds of kids, each with unique personalities, skills, and perspectives. My pride came from understanding their needs, making learning fun, and giving them opportunities to shine.

In our classroom, photography became a powerful tool. I took portraits of the kids and captured everyday moments, displaying these images on our walls. They weren’t forced to pose, but the confidence boost was incredible! By the end of the year, their personalities really shined through.

Now, as a family photographer, I bring the same approach to my work. I connect with each family and child, making them feel comfortable and valued. I get down to their level, ask questions, and even act like a dag when the moment is called for. I celebrate kids for who they are, capturing their true essence without forcing them to look at the camera.

Displaying these images reminds children they are seen, valued, and celebrated for their uniqueness. With my background in education and my experience as a mother of two neurodivergent kids, I understand how to engage with different personalities and needs. I strive to create a fun and comfortable environment, capturing genuine moments that reflect each child’s personality and the love within the family.

Every child deserves to be celebrated, and every family deserves to have those precious moments beautifully captured and displayed.

WHY #3 To Capture What Truly Matters

Time for a bit of a sad story… get the tissues ready. 

My grandpa was a beautiful, caring man with such a kind soul. He was so excited to know he was going to be a great grandfather for the first time. But he became ill and we sadly lost him just 3 weeks before my little girl came into the world. 

When we were preparing for his funeral, I was going through all the old family photos and thinking about the moments I spent with him that meant so much to me. The list was long but I quickly noticed that the photos I had didn’t reflect all of these moments. 

I wished I had a photos of us picking carrots in his garden, watching him skip rope in the garage between timber projects, him waving goodbye from the driveway every time we left from a visit, our walks to the milk bar to get the paper when I came to stay for a weekend and how he always left apple stickers on the underside of every table edge and chair arm. 

One day years later, I was standing in the kitchen with my hands tucked under the edge of the bench and felt something sticky. I bent down to find dozens of apple stickers. Little did I know, after telling my daughter memories of my grandpa, that she began to do this same little tradition with her apple stickers. She still does it today. 

It’s little moments like this, things that happen every day, that we don’t realise will mean so much to us until they’re gone. This is why capture the natural connections with your family and the stories that make up your life. Seeing these beautiful, ordinary moments is a skill I’ve been working hard at over the years and brings me so much joy when you see how much they mean to you too. 

Apple stickers under edge of a bench

WHY #4 To Avoid My Mistakes

The photos of my phone started piling up the moment she, my baby girl, came into the world. In the hospital, my partner and I chose to pay a photographer that came around to each room with a trolley to take some ‘studio’ ones. My daughter was perched up high on a pillow with blankets and accessories that weren’t ours. I was happy to have some professional ones done but they didn’t give me all the warm and fuzzy feeling photos should. I just didn’t know there were other options for newborn photography then!  

When baby number two came, I was set on having photos at home with someone (I heard that was a thing). But the budget was tight and I don’t think I truly valued how much I’d want them so guess what… we got the same photos on a trolley… again. And they looked identical to my daughter. To this day, family members still can’t tell them apart and it’s one of my biggest regrets.

After this second lot of hospital trolley photos, I was still on maternity leave from teaching and was in no rush to get back… so I pulled out the camera. I started taking photos of my two kids. Nothing staged or posed but more the things I noticed in everyday life. After taking a few classes to refresh and expand my skills, I quickly realised I wanted to try to do this for a living. To photograph families in a way that allowed them to be themselves in places they felt like themselves and that couldn’t be captured themselves. Photos that gave an emotional reaction, centered around love, connection, play and the little stories that make your heart ache in the best way possible.

WHY #5 To Make Sure You Are Seen

One lazy weekend before this photography business began, my eldest was looking at the photos in our hallway, pointing out everyone in the family. For a moment she paused and began to point at everyone again with this quizzical look on her face. She turns to me and says, “Where are you, Mum?”

Great question, Kid! I wasn’t in any of the photos. So I replied, “I took the photos, honey.”

“But I can’t count you!”

That moment hit me hard. This smart little 3 year old noticed I was missing and with all my efforts to take photos of my kids, I forgot to include myself. One day, I won’t be around and gosh… I want my kids to remember what I looked like at different stages in my life so they can also grow up with grace and confidence to be in the photos too. 

This is why I feel it’s so important to get photos of the family all together. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or anything fancy. It can be as small as playing with your kids or just reading a book together. What’s important is that you, the parents (yes, both parents), are seen too. 

In my journey as a photographer, I’ve learned that capturing these moments is not just about taking photos; it’s about preserving the essence of who we are and the love we share. I mission is to help you see the beauty in the everyday, to remind you that every moment, no matter how small, is worth capturing and to create a visual legacy that will be cherished for generations. Every photo tells a story, and I am honoured to help tell yours. Because your family deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated, just as you are.

The Heart Behind the Lens: My Journey into Family Photography

June 25, 2024

Apple stickers under edge of a bench

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